Title Fee Comparison Tool Advancements

Date: November 17, 2016 Add to Reading List

Want to send a customized title fee comparison to your clients? How about a comparison or quote that can adjust between the two types of Owners' policies? 


Our CalcuRater and Quote Tools are better than ever! Gone are the days of confusion of trying to compare title companies which are quoting different types of title policies. Our fee quoting and comparing tools can be adjusted on the fly and simplify the comparison process. And you can still create custom pdf's that can include your business card and be emailed or printed or saved to your computer of your results. 

All of this can be accessed right from our front page: www.titleone.com

The latest enhancements allow you to compare competitors' who quote the Standard Owner's Title Insurance Policy (basic coverage) or the Home Owner's Policy (with extended coverages). We heard concerns from users that some competitors' fees appeared lower because they were quoting the less expensive and inferior Standard Policy while Title One was quoting the extended coverage of the Home Owner's Policy with far more consumer protections. Now you can choose which policy you want to quote or compare, and our tools will provide you with accurate information that will make it easier to fairly compare quotes from competitors who quote different policies. 

Both of these fabulous tools are free and easy to use. 

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