Why is Guaranteed Pricing Important?

Date: November 17, 2016 Add to Reading List

For decades people have been getting surprised at closing with title company add-on fees that can be quite substantial. We checked and NONE of our competitors guarantee their fees. Each one of them have a disclaimer that states that their title fee calculator is only an estimate and that the actual fees could be more. And from our experience they often are. Compare that to our "disclaimer":

"2 Title One is the only Greater Minneapolis title company that provides Guaranteed Pricing. We absorb the extra recording services fees, payoff service fees and other non-governmental fees that others pass to the customer."

Guaranteed fees also makes your loan officer's job easier. Every time our fees change means that your loan officer has to do a ton of paperwork re-disclosing those fees to you. We want to make things easier.

Quoting one fee and then charging another also just isn't fair. Our company was founded on being fair and honest and it is our mission to make your closing experience a good one with no unpleasant surprises. Our fees are lower and guaranteed because we spend ZERO dollars on gifts for the people who refer you to us. Thus, we attract referrals from only the best Realtors, loan officers, builders and attorneys.