About Us

Who are we?

For more than 25 years TitleOne has been in the business of providing unmatched customer service and excellent value. Throughout our history we have handled billions of dollars in assets while saving consumers millions of dollars in closing costs, because we offer better service than our competitors at prices they just can't match. We constantly look for the best products at the lowest possible price, and we pass those savings on to our customers.

As one of Minnesota's only independent title companies, our only allegiance is to making sure that our customers' interests are taken care of when it comes to examining and clearing the title to their property and conducting a flawless closing.

Why We're Different


Finding an independent title company is far harder these days and far more important than most people realize. A title company investigates and examines title and makes important closing decisions. You do not want your title company related to any of the service providers any more than you want a Judge related to the opposing party.

Lowest price for best products

TitleOne is the only Greater Minneapolis title company that guarantees its pricing. We absorb the extra recording services fees, payoff service fees and other non-governmental fees that others pass to the customer. Plus, because we're independent, our fees are lower!

Supervise and help

We also have real estate attorneys on staff to supervise the title examination process and help with complex issues as they arise, giving our customers additional peace of mind.