TitleOne is a full service title company, with decades long tradition of satisfying customers. Here are the primary services we offer:

  •  Inspecting, clearing and insuring the title
  •  Receiving and disbursing funds
  •  Conducting the closing
  •  24/7 online access to all of your closing documents

We believe the more informed you are, the more you'll come to appreciate TitleOne, where our independence is put to work on your behalf, every day.

Complex Transactions

TitleOne is a full service company, with the expertise and ability to handle virtually any kind of real estate transaction, regardless of its complexity. For more on our special services, please click on any of the following:

Purchases and Sales

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, you have the right to choose the title company you want to examine and clear the title to your property and manage the complexities of the closing. And if you happen to be selling your home yourself (i.e., without a real estate agent), you really need someone strong on “your team.” When you choose TitleOne, you’ll be getting a full service provider, with a highly professional staff, and a decades long commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. If you’re selling one property and buying another, bringing us both sides of the transaction makes it that much simpler for you, and will help us streamline the process even further, so we can provide you with even better service.

Many realtors would have you just go with “their title company.” If this is the case, you should ask, “Is this title company affiliated with yours in any way?” With TitleOne, our independence means we’re working for you, and only you.


Refinancing can be a great way to reduce monthly expenses, or perhaps capitalize on the equity of your property. If there is a prior title insurance policy in force on the property, you could be entitled to a discount (in the form of a reissue credit) that could amount to a savings of hundreds of dollars. When you do business with TitleOne, we make it our business to inform you of every possible advantage that can be of benefit to you.

Ask your lender or mortgage broker: “Does your suggested title company offer reissue credits?” If the answer is vague, or a flat “no,” come to us. We’ll see that you get everything you’re entitled to.

New Construction

Developers and builders want you to use their title company for closing, and you just might feel compelled to do so for fear of upsetting the transaction or losing a discount or other inducement. The only problem is, if there are title defects or mechanics liens on the property (which is not uncommon), and the builder’s title company is running the show, how likely do you think you’ll be to find out about it? In other words, whose interests are being looked after…yours or the builder’s?

New construction is the most complex residential transaction with many pitfalls. Many of the title company services in a new construction transaction are designed to safeguard the transaction and ensure that the builder is not hiding anything. Lien audits, collecting lien waivers and underlying blanket mortgages and other problems are typical in these transactions. It makes no sense to buy a title insurance policy from a title company that the builder controls.

Our General Counsel and Senior Title Examiners have a complete understanding of the complexities and unique challenges of new construction, and we will ensure that everything is as it should be, before you ever close the sale.

Title Insurance

TitleOne is proud to offer the ALTA Extended 32-Point Homeowner’s Title Insurance Policy, quite simply the best and most complete title insurance coverage money can buy. Many other title companies offer this same type of policy – if you upgrade from a lesser policy, and if you pay more for it. At TitleOne, we only offer the best, and we never ask you to pay extra to get it. Title-1 has saved consumers millions of dollars over the years, by offering some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

See the policy in detail by clicking here.


The “abstract” of a property is its entire history, dating back to its earliest owners and, all changes that may have occurred since. Abstracters research the history of a property, using county records to report any liens, mortgages, or possible title defects which would affect the transaction.

TitleOne’s experienced onsite abstracting staff uses innovative technology resources to ensure quick turnaround and reasonable prices, while staying focused on the quality of the product.