TitleOne is a full service title company, with decades long tradition of satisfying customers. Here are the primary services we offer:

  •  Inspecting, clearing and insuring the title
  •  Receiving and disbursing funds
  •  Conducting the closing
  •  24/7 online access to all of your closing documents

We also have real estate attorney's on staff to supervise the title examination process and assist with complex title issues, should they arise, giving you additional peace of mind.

Title and Closing

Choosing a title company can be confusing and overwhelming for your clients. Most people do not realize they have the legal right to choose their title company and depend heavily on your guidance to make the right choice. Our independence means that we can offer your clients the best, most unbiased, most expert advice, and all at a cost that adds up to superior value. We deliver a smooth, seamless, hassle-free closing experience that reflects positively on you. As a result, your clients will be more likely to recommend you to others.


Relocation is a fact of life in today’s corporate America. But you know that it also comes with its own unique challenges. Title-1’s team of Relocation Specialists is well-versed and experienced in handling these types of transactions. As an independent title company, our only interest is providing your clients with expert, impartial, unbiased and well-researched title examinations, culminating in a smooth, hassle-free closing process that reflects well on you.

New Construction

Many developers and builders want you to use their title company for closing, and you just might feel compelled to do so for fear of upsetting the transaction. The only problem is, numerous issues can arise, including mechanics liens, title defects, underlying mortgages and a host of others. Now, if the builder’s title company is running the show, how likely do you think you’ll be to find out about it? In other words, whose interests are being looked after…your client’s or the builder’s?

Unlike many builders, Title-1 offers the ALTA Extended 32-Point Homeowner’s Title Insurance Policy, which offers the best title insurance policy money can buy, backed by one of the largest and strongest underwriters in the U.S.

Plus, our General Counsel and New Construction Specialists have a complete understanding of the complexities and unique challenges of new construction, and we will ensure that everything is as it should be, before you ever close the sale.


Our Commercial Division offers a full range of services – from commercial closings and refinances to 1031 exchanges and subdivision master plans. When we work with you, you and your clients can relax in the knowledge that our experienced commercial examiners are handling every detail of the transaction with precision and impartiality. Property records are researched thoroughly to clear title properly, and closing documents are compiled, completed and double-checked for accuracy.

Whether your transaction involves a warehouse, retail facility, or apartment building, our experienced staff will always go the extra mile to make sure your closing experience goes as smoothly as possible, and always at a competitive price.

Commercial closings can be complex. That’s why we put our commercial specialists to work, customizing each closing to meet your individual situation. To learn more, please contact our Commercial Closing Specialists.

REO/Foreclosure Specialists

REO/foreclosures are an unfortunate, yet increasingly common fact of life. Beyond the personal issues, these types of transactions come with their own unique challenges. Title-1’s team of REO/Foreclosure Specialists is well-versed and experienced in handling these types of transactions. As an independent title company, our only interest is protecting our clients’ interests, and that means providing expert, impartial, unbiased and well-researched title examinations.

Our REO department works directly with law firms, asset management companies and auction companies such as William & Williams, and Hudson and Marshall, to assist you with the closing of your REO property. We are an FNMA/Fannie Mae preferred vendor. Our REO department also offers specialized knowledge in the title clearance and sale of bank-owned properties.

1031 Exchange

Title-1’s 1031 Exchange Team is highly skilled in the nuances of this type of transaction and stands ready to provide you with the expert advice you need to take advantage of this unique approach to investment property sales and purchases.